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The Annoyance That is Wool

I hate wool. It's itchy as hell, and even though warm while in the freezing cold, it's unadaptive to indoor conditions. You think you're saving body heat when you're actually suffocating your pores with this 19th century fabric that makes your neck feel like you just got a haircut and the barber did a poor job cleaning you up with talcum powder. Then if you take it off, your neck looks like you went twelve rounds with the Boston Strangler. Not cool.

Judging by the look on this guy's face, I assume he feels the same way I do, because that wool hat is rubbing against his skin and looks pretty scratchy. Pretty soon his face will be all red and irritated, and instead of enjoying a frosty beer, he'll have to walk around explaining to everyone that it's not a rash or ring worm or fucking scabies, it's just irritated because of goddamn wool!

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