Creepy Holiday Message

Tomorrow is our great nation's birthday, a time for celebration, patriotism, and ingesting ungodly and potentially life-threatening amounts of potato salad and coleslaw. Unless of course you're reading this and you're from another country, and if that's the case, well...USA! USA! USA! HEYYYYOOOO!!

(chugs 5 cans of Old Milwaukee)
(lights off fireworks)
(burns down double-wide trailer)

But seriously, not only is the 4th of July a good time to get sauced while it's still light outside, it's also a good time to ruin a few photos. Does your Aunt want a picture of all her nieces and nephews wearing Patriotic polo's and neatly pressed khakis? Well, it's up to you to get your ass in that shot and make a face so distorted and creepy that it's sure to make your family debate whether or not you need professional counseling. We're counting on you. Don't fail us.

So, we're off for the weekend - off to grandeur places filled with mystery and solace (the bar). But we'd like to thank all of you Creeps for your amazing submissions, it's been one hell of a launch week. Keep 'em coming, and remember: Creep on, creeping on.

Here are a couple of Historic Creeps sure to keep you up at night. I know that they're already haunting me.

[Image Source]

John Breckinridge was a former Vice President and Confederate General during the Civil War. He also was the great-great-great-great grandfather of both Mathew Perry and Joaquin Phoenix.

[Image Source]

This is the earliest known picture of the "No Neck" version of the Creepy Faces, experts (us) believe.
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