Friends and Colleagues,

In the immortal words of Anthony Soprano: I'm gonna say a few things, I'm gonna say some bad words, and you're just gonna have to deal with it...

Submissions have fucking sucked lately. They've been more boring than a night on the town with the corpse of Michael Jackson. Ok, maybe that would be kind of fun and super creepy, but still, we've been watching paint dry over here. But we're not blaming you. Never. We're blaming ourselves. We're the ones who have not ignited the flame that makes you want to win creep of the week, that makes you want to submit pictures of yourselves and loved ones looking worse than that day you forgot to shower, fell in a puddle of oil and garbage, and then accidentally crapped your pants. OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!

(weeps softly into favorite blanket)

But we need your help. Our once plentiful bounty of disgusting photos is drying up faster than the U.S. oil reserves, except we're not lying like those bastards in powdered wigs! We've resorted to cannibalistic measures. People have been crossed. Alliances have been breached. is on the brink of total anarchy!

(adorns Viking helmet)

So it's up to you, weirdo's of the world, to help us. Without you, we're in grave danger of resorting to typical blog tactics: posts about our day, posts about food, posts about shit you don't care about. And it will all be lacking the creeps we love, hiding in the background trying to ruin shit.

Help us. By helping us, we help you. If not, then, well, get ready for some boring-ass-shit, comrades.

Best Regards,

- The Federation Formerly Known as The Registered Creeps
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