So, many of you (yes, I'm talking to you, all 67 of our fans) may have noticed that there has been no "Creep of the Week" for two consecutive weeks now. Maybe you haven't, I don't know. Maybe you have some shit going on at work? Maybe you've been having some issues with your spouse? Well, I'm here to tell you he/she didn't mean what they said. He/She was just upset, and knows that by saying what he/she said, they could get a rise out of you. They're sorry. They're so, so, sorry. Please forgive he/she so you can get back to your normal routine of smiling to each other's face, and then secretly loathing them behind their back.

Anyway, what the fuck was I saying?

Oh, right, no Creep of the Week lately...

As you may or may not know (or care), Doctor Creepshow is our resident computer genius. And right now he is galavanting around Europe, wearing lederhosen and drinking warm Hefeweizen from a German tankard. The remaing three creeps, myself included, are unable to comprehend the intricate process behind COTW - even though it's probably just cutting and pasting and shit like that - because we are retarded.

But hang tight, the Doc will surely return. And when he does, we will have a massive balloting for September, making sure all ten of you that like to vote will have your say in who makes you want to vomit the most.
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