Creeps of the Day

This is a three-part COTD.

PART I: Recognizance

Hey look, attractive girls and alcohol that doesn't come in a plastic bottle and you're nowhere to be found. Coincidence? No. But check out the guy in the upper-right corner sneaking his way. "Hey, we're all drunk, we're all laughing it up, we're all feeling good, who knows who's hand that is unbuttoning my bra?"

Part II: Checking For Witnesses

The creep shows his full face. This is like watching pirahna swim lazily around a helpless goldfish...

Part III: Making Moves

As stated above, those chapped, bristly lips could be any one's, right? Right?

*Bonus - look at the girl sprawled out face-first in the background. I bet she's having regrettable sex later!

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